SOG® Bringing extra comfort to your own four walls   

If you are already familiar with the advantages of SOG® in your motorhome or caravan, it makes perfect sense that you would also love to make the most of such travel luxury within your own four walls! After receiving such enthusiastic feedback from our satisfied SOG® customers, we decided to develop our SOG®Home solution. The system is comprised of a technical unit that can be easily retrofitted to standard toilet seats and bowls. SOG®Home incorporates all of our system components used to achieve effective removal of odours by means of suction and adsorption. Its battery set (supplied with the system) means that it does not need to be connected to the mains.

The SOG® ventilator sucks all unpleasant toilet odours directly from the toilet bowl and into a ventilation duct. They then pass through a high-performance filter, which fully neutralises the air before releasing it back into the room.

The result: bathrooms and guest toilets with no unpleasant odours whatsoever!