All you need to know about SOG®  

  1. Chemical additives

    Owners of  SOG® systems do not need to use any chemical toilet additives whatsoever because their active ventilation system guarantees the environmentally friendly decomposition of faecal matter by providing an increased supply of oxygen.

    The fragrances used in chemical additives are only designed to cover up the odours of the biogas that escapes from the tank and into the vehicle interior when the gate valve is opened. The SOG® principle, on the other hand, bears parallels with the processes used in sewage treatment plants, which also avoid using chemicals and instead accelerate decomposition by feeding oxygen into their activated sludge tanks.
    Owners of  SOG® systems therefore don't need to waste any money on chemical additives.

  2. Only SOG® provides ventilation directly from the toilet bowl ...

    ...and it does so with full power and sophisticated technology!

    It is often the case that our solutions are confused with ventilation systems offered by toilet manufacturers as an optional extra. These systems, however, only provide ventilation of the waste holding tank and therefore fail to offer the SOG®level of comfort.

    Our solutions are therefore not on a par with such systems but actually a cut above them. In fact, SOG® is the only system of its type on the market that removes odours by suction directly where they first occur.

    SOG® always ventilates to the outside and never returns unfiltered air into the vehicle interior.
  3. Fully satisfied customers

    One thing is for sure: once you've experienced  SOG® ventilation, you'll never want to be without it again! You'll definitely want to install it in your next vehicle or even order it as standard directly from your vehicle manufacturer.

    If you would like to experience the system in operation, simply ask around on your campsite, where some of your neighbours are sure to already be using SOG® . After all, satisfied customers are always the best advertisement!

    If you do smell something funny ... SOG® guarantees full use with no odours whatsoever. If you do start to smell something funny during use or during your journey, there's sure to be a reason. The unpleasant stench that may occur when certain installation requirements were not properly met, for example, can normally be quickly eliminated.
  4. Tank maintenance

    Over time, urine, limescale and faecal matter leave a coating on the walls of the tank, which are not always evenly covered. You can help to keep your waste holding tank cleaner for longer by thoroughly rinsing it out with water each time you empty it. Once you have done so, you can add a little bit of soft soap (available as an ecological product at health and beauty stores) to your waste holding tank to keep it clean.

    Regardless of whether you use SOG® or chemical additives in your tank, you should treat it with a special cleaning product for waste holding tanks once a year. This will keep the moving parts in your tank clean and functioning.

    Important! Do not use special camping toilet paper as this will not decompose and may therefore lead to blockages!
  5. Active charcoal

    Active charcoal is an important component of SOG® and SOG®II systems. This extremely environmentally friendly material is made using organic substances such as peat, nutshells and sugar. It is mainly comprised of carbon (mostly >90%) with a highly porous structure in which the pores are connected like in a sponge (open-pored).

    Active charcoal is used as an adsorption agent in fields such as chemistry, medicine, water and sewage treatment and ventilation and air-conditioning technology.
    Be sure to change your filter after a year so that you can make the most of fresh air both inside and outside your vehicle.

    SOG®and SOG® filters offer impressive benefits:

    • A long service life (1 year) 
    • Full neutralisation of odours thanks to complete processing 
    • No carbon dust emissions
    • A light weight
    • Compact dimensions


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