SOG® Systeme - Innovations Made in Germany   

Experiencing unpleasant odours in the limited space available in a motorhome or caravan is a taboo topic for many users, despite the fact that such stenches have significantly dampened the holiday mood of virtually every camper at least once.

The company SOG®Systeme GmbH & Co.KG, which was founded in 1994, uses its many years of development experience to offer a variety of different ventilation systems for the optimisation of toilets. The main objective of the company's 12V-systems is to enable caravan and motorhome toilets to be used without chemicals while also increasing the comfort of using such toilets by eliminating odours.

Environmentally friendly solutions made in Germany
SOG® produces all of its environmentally friendly systems at its own manufacturing facilities in Germany and on the basis of high quality standards. The systems are mainly offered as original equipment but are also provided as retrofit solutions. The company primarily uses marketing activities in Europe to sell its products, but exports to Australia, the US, New Zealand and Japan are also constantly increasing.    
Individual solutions
As an OEM supplier, the company offers individually and technically adapted solutions for the wide variety of installation options available in different recreation vehicle models in order to guarantee smooth production processes.

Award-winning engineering performance
Our SOG® systems have been presented with a number of awards, for example recently receiving the Lupo Award (the "Oscar" of the caravanning industry), winning the Inventor Award in 2006 and being voted into first place in the "Accessory of the Year" competition by readers of the specialist magazine "promobil". On top of this, the German consumer organisation "Stiftung Warentest" approved the excellent effects of our SOG® systems in enabling the use of toilets without chemicals in as early as June 1997.

Our Company Timeline  - Excellent Ideas since  1994  

  • 1994

    • An idea becomes a vision

      • The company owner Werner Dahmann (who is an enthusiastic camper himself) comes up with the idea of developing a chemical-free and odourless camping toilet and tries out some initial designs in his rental fleet.
      • A name and a logo with a high recognition value were needed: "SOG" stands for the suction that is created when the portable toilets are opened to draw off all odors. The fan needed for this fit wonderfully into the "O".
      • Registration of a utility patent for the electric aeration and ventilation of faecal matter containers
      • The first publication of the prototype in the specialist magazine promobil, issue 7/94
      • Dahmann begins to produce assembly kits in small production units in his summerhouse in the German town of Kobern-Gondorf.
      • Dahmann presents his product at the CARAVAN SALON trade fair in the German city of Düsseldorf as an innovative new accessory for vehicles made by the company Hymer.

  • 1995

    • Appliance of patent

      • Dahmann applies for a European patent for his invention.
      • Dahmann procures a manufacturing container.
      • Readers of the specialist magazine promobil, issue 4/95, select the patent as their “Accessory of the Year”.
      • Sales rise constantly.
      • Dahmann presents his product at the CARAVAN SALON trade fair in the German city of Düsseldorf as an innovative new accessory for vehicles made by the company Hymer.

  • 1996

    • First trade fairs

      • The invention is featured by the German television broadcaster SWF.
      • The company Dahmann participates in the CARAVAN SALON trade fair in Düsseldorf as an exhibitor for the first time.
      • The company SOG® Dahman got their first trade partners abroad.

  • 1997

    • Development of a powerful fan

      • Against the background of the debate concerning environmentally harmful sanitary additives and their effectiveness in terms of preventing odours and the granting of the German "Blue Angel” certification associated with these issues, the company submits its SOG ventilation system for an evaluation by the German Federal Environmental Agency as an alternative technical system to sanitary additives.
      • The company initiates the development of a high-performance ventilation designed to deal with the extreme requirements involved in the removal of gas by suction.
      • The German consumer organisation "Stiftung Warentest" tests mobile toilets and sanitary additives in the June 1997 issue of its magazine. In its report, the magazine recommends that: “The essential advantage of all toilets that use air suction is the fact that chemical sanitary additives are completely unnecessary, meaning that use of the toilets is both environmentally friendly and good for the nose."
  • 1998

    • The company purchases a site covering an area of 3000m² in the industrial estate in Löf, a town located near the German city of Koblenz in the Mosel region.

      • The company purchases a site covering an area of 3000m² in the industrial estate in Löf, a town located near the German city of Koblenz in the Mosel region.
      • The company builds a new production facility, workshop and showroom.
      • Presentation of the SOG® ventilation system for toilets with built-in tanks

  • 1999

    • 1999 - The company provides 4 caravan parking spaces with a waste disposal unit.

  • 2000 - 2009

    • Further milestones

      • 2000 | Presentation of a modified adapter for SOG® systems that makes retrofitting a lot easier
      • 2001 | The launch of the SOG® Roof model
      • 2004 | Getting a European patent
      • 2004 | The company site is expanded to cover an area of 5000m² and 9 additional caravan parking spaces are created.
      • 2005 | The company optimises its filter casing on a technical and optical level in line with the design developments taking place in the caravanning industry.
      • 2006 | Werner Dahmann is awarded the Inventor Award of the German Land of Rhineland-Palatinate for the development of his SOG® toilet ventilation systems.
      • 2008 | The company enters into a cooperation with the toilet manufacturer DOMETIC, which equips the toilets made at its factory with technical details that enable them to be easily adapted to suit SOG® systems.
      • 2009 | Presentation of the SOG® II Floor model with highly optimised filter technology. The unit enables flexible placement in users' vehicle interiors.
      • 2009 | The company leases a second production facility in Kobern-Gondorf.

  • 2010-2019

    • Further milestones

      • 2011 | Petra Dahmann, daughter of the company founder, an experienced tax specialist, joins the company as its Management Assistant.
      • 2011 | The company constructs a new office building.
      • 2012 | The launch of the SOG® Up system, the first 12V ventilation system for macerator toilets available on the market that can be directly attached to the toilet bowl
      • 2012 | Presentation of SOG® Dumping, an independent ventilation unit that can be connected to existing waste disposal units, household toilets or directly to sewage ducts
      • 2013 | Presentation of the SOG® Box, a ventilation unit for easy indoor use. This unit can be easily connected to toilets as a self-sufficient and mobile solution and eliminates the need to transport waste gas to the outside.
      • 2015 | Presentation of SOG® Compact, a compact technical unit for the removal of odours by means of suction and adsorption for macerator toilets.
      • 2016 | Change of company status and name: on 1st January 2016, the Managing Director Petra Kratuscheid joins the company owner, Werner Dahmann, on the Management Board. The company is given the new name of SOG® Systeme OHG.
      • 2016 | SOG® Systeme OHG is awarded the Oscar of the caravanning industry, the "LUPO 2016". According to the DCHV, this annual award is presented to individuals whose developments have made a significant impact on the industry. The company founder, Werner Dahmann, received the award for his innovative technical solutions that "... contribute towards reducing the amount of chemical additives in sewage treatment plants ..." and help to protect water.
      • 2017 | The SOG® Compact range is expanded with SOG® Compact Close
      • 2018 | Start of construction of hall extension - A hall annex is constructed in order to increase the size of production facilities and storage rooms.
      • 2019 | Anniversary! 25 years SOG® venting systems
  • 2020

    • New production hall

      • Finishing construction of our new hall, offering higher capacities for production an storage

  • 2021

    • Reconstruction of salesrooms and SOG® TT is introduced

      • Renovation of our sales- and showrooms
      • The odor nuisance with dry separation toilets, poses an even greater problem in contrast to mobile cassette toilets.
        SOG® TT, the first ventilation system on the market for innovative optimization of dry-combining toilets, can help.

  • 2023

    • 2023 | Launch of SOG® Compact quick

      • The “SOG® Compact quick” was specially developed for ceramic macerator toilets and is designed to be an exact fit for a variety of different toilet models.