SOG® Compact and SOG® Compact Close
for macerator toilets

Ever since the first SOG® air extraction system was offered on the market 25 years ago, a great deal has changed regarding toilets in leisure vehicles.  The development department at SOG®  has always  kept pace with every new development. Thus it is not necessary to without comfort even in the limited amount of space of the luxury class.

SOG®Compact and SOG®Compact Close for macerator toilets were optimised to meet customer requirements, with special value being placed on the reduction of unpleasant smells.

SOG®Compact and SOG®Compact Close

integrated both electrical and other system components into a technical unit and thus offers the advantage of very simple installation with fixed tank toilets. Power is supplied by the vehicle's on-board 12 V power system. It is not necessary to make a hole in the tank or the vehicle.

Installation is so simple - the function is so effective:
When the toilet lid is lifted the fan is switched on and sucks out all unpleasant smells directly from the toilet bowl via an extraction duct with optimised flow properties and passes them to a special high-performance filter.

SOG®Compact Close for Jabsco and Dometic

SOG® Compact Close for Dometic (right version)

SOG®Compact Close

The SOG®Compact Close is specially developed for Jabsco and Dometic macerator toilets with “soft-close” plastic lids. The SOG® ventilation system is smoothly and closely form-fitted to the toilet body for an innovative and extra appealing design. The suction unit screws onto the toilet bowl with the toilet lid fastenings.
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SOG® Compact Close for Jabsco (left version)

SOG® Compact

is placed under the toilet seat with just four screws.
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