SOG® Compact quick

Ever since the first SOG® air extraction system was offered on the market 25 years ago, a great deal has changed regarding toilets in leisure vehicles.  The development department at SOG®  has always  kept pace with every new development. Thus it is not necessary to without comfort even in the limited amount of space of the luxury class.

SOG®Compact quick for macerator toilets were optimised to meet customer requirements, with special value being placed on the reduction of unpleasant smells.

SOG®Compact quick

is an innovative solution specifically designed for ceramic chopper toilets to create an odour-free toilet environment in motorhomes.

It offers improved functionality, impact, and fit and is compatible with all toilet models on the market thanks to its flexible adaptability.

With SOG®Compact quick, customers can enjoy odour-free benefits regardless of their toilet type.

Operating principle

SOG® Compact quick (left version)

The fan switches on automatically as soon as the toilet lid is opened and extracts unpleasant odours directly at the toilet bowl via the flow-adapted extraction shaft. A powerful filter removes these odours, resulting in a pleasant indoor climate and a noticeable increase in comfort in a limited space.
The venting system integrates all electrical and other components and is effortlessly bonded to the toilet without the need to drill holes in the seat, tank, or vehicle.
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