• Peter and Meike Böhring

    "We managed to complete our five-month trip without using any chemical additives or experiencing any unpleasant odours. Thank you so much!"

  • Lutz Artzinger in a letter to the caravanning magazine
    "REISEMOBIL INTERNATIONAL" entitled "SOG® Has Proven Its Worth"

    "I was able to extensively test my system during a 17-day holiday in Italy and am very impressed. Even when the temperatures were sometimes very high, I couldn't smell any unpleasant faecal odours."

  • Heiko Huber, by e-mail

    "The installation guide contains the most precise instructions that I have ever used. All of the components fit together perfectly and the entire system is well-thought-out."

  • From a report in the caravanning magazine "REISEMOBIL INTERNATIONAL" entitled "10 Years of SOG® Ventilation Systems"

    "Werner Dahmann's toilet ventilation has transformed caravans into clean and odourless vehicles. ... Even individuals with allergies can now enjoy their hobby with no worries whatsoever because they can avoid using chemicals."

  • "Odourless Caravanning Is Also an Option" in Caravan magazine

    "The solution to the problem is astoundingly simple: a small high-performance ventilator is used to remove odours by suction."

  • Gerhard Luchner, Rattenberg Tyrol, Austria

    "... I am a complete 'advocate' of SOG® in a wide range of camping forums and would also … love to have some 'clever' ventilation for our newest camping toilet … A camping toilet without SOG® is like a campfire without any wood …"

  • Gabi Werner, Gimbweiler

    "We really could hardly believe it and are extremely impressed by your SOG® ventilation system, which meant that there were no odours whatsoever in our toilet compartment. We finally no longer need to ventilate our vehicle for hours on end ..." " ... even when we emptied the toilet, the odours were much weaker than back when we used a larger amount of chemicals ..."

  • Ludwig u. Heidi Nonnenmacher

    "There are no disturbing odours anymore and we don't need to use any chemicals, which is good for both our wallets and the environment … In our opinion, this system should be fitted as standard in every motorhome and caravan."

  • Dipl.-Ing. H., Meckenheim, Germany

    " ... my SOG® ventilation system has been working to my full satisfaction for many years and I have no complaints whatsoever …"

  • A letter from Klaus Sehmisch from Erlangen, Germany, in the magazine "promobil"

    "No problems despite the fact that it is low-maintenance. I have been using a roof-based toilet ventilation system for ten years. I also always use normal toilet paper and have never had any problems with it. I can't smell any odours from the toilet, even at temperatures of 40 degrees in the shade. I haven't yet replaced any seals, despite the fact that I use my toilet eight months a year."

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