An electrically ventilated disposal system for waste disposal units and household toilets

The release of gases when emptying sewage tanks, on-board toilets and waste holding tanks has always been an unpleasant yet unavoidable necessity on caravanning holidays.

This innovative disposal system is the first system available on the market designed as an independent unit that can be connected to existing waste disposal units, household toilets or directly to sewage ducts.
Its function-relevant system components are integrated into a technical box that is firmly connected to the disposal element. The main advantage of the  SOG® Dumping system is that it removes waste by electric suction into the waste disposal pipe, thus enabling users to completely avoid releasing odours into the environment surrounding their waste disposal units.

This is not only an excellent benefit for the person carrying out the waste disposal, but also helps to keep unpleasant odours away from anyone in the near vicinity. This unit and its extremely impressive filtering system are also particularly important when used with fixed household toilets in closed spaces or rooms, for example at campsites.

SOG® additionally offers a dumping system in a design that can be directly attached to standard drain covers.  
SOG® Dumping for household toilets