Travelling through nature - while caring for the environment!    

Our SOG® systems use state-of-the-art technology to give the laws of nature a boost. They provide consistent environmental protection by avoiding the use of sanitary additives.

Over 90% of all motorhomes and caravans are equipped with mobile toilets, the manufacturers of which strongly recommend the use of chemicals to reduce odours and support the decomposition process. The toilets' (removable and portable) waste tanks must therefore be refilled with chemical additives every time they are emptied, in order to both prevent the problem of odour formation and support the desired decomposition of the tank contents and the formation of gas.    
The major environmental aspect related to this recommendation, namely the contamination of sewage treatment plants by disturbing the bacteria in the activated sludge tank, has led to a ban on the emptying of camping tanks containing chemical additives in several different countries, including some towns and cities in Germany.

SOG® systems also support the reduction of plastic waste by avoiding the constant use of sanitary additives from plastic bottles.

The odour and environmental problems involved in using a chemical toilet have made it one of the first barriers that face individuals interested in camping when they consider purchasing a camping vehicle.

SOG® systems remove both of these obstacles: toilets fitted with SOG® require no chemical additives and provide an increase in comfort by eliminating unpleasant odours in the limited space available in motorhomes and caravans.