The demand for vents for camping toilets of all kinds is becoming more and more important because of the unpleasant odor formation in limited recreational vehicle spaces. This is also the case with dry separating toilets, where odor nuisance is an even bigger problem in contrast to mobile cassette toilets.

Help is provided by SOG®TT, the first ventilation system on the market for innovative optimization of dry separating toilets (available from November / December 2021).

SOG®TT is characterized by a specially optimized filter unit with an integrated fan. Thanks to its optimal design, the fan can be switched separately with a switch on the inside wall of the vehicle, or it can run continuously thanks to its low power consumption of 1.2 watts. In this way, it constantly absorbs all unpleasant odors that are caused by the formation of condensation, filtered out of the dry-separating toilet and moved outside with almost no noise. Constant suction has the advantage that the annoying formation of condensation is prevented.

Just imagine: You are sitting on the toilet and you can't smell anything! SOG® users know this effect, which SOG®TT users no longer have to do without.

The assembly kit for the clever ventilation is supplied with all the connections required for retrofitting.

The construction of the SOG®TT offers two options for venting to the outside. Via the service flap and a floor outlet. Thanks to the filters specially developed by SOG®, even the most piquant odor details are filtered without exception and thus guarantee odor-free vacation days indoors and outdoors.

The SOG® or SOG®II systems for mobile toilets manufactured by us are not compatible with a dry separating toilet!

The conditions of mobile toilets and the requirements for odor avoidance and decomposition are fundamentally different from dry separating toilets.

All components of the SOG®vents for cassette toilets, which have been tried and tested for over 25 years, are sophisticated down to the last detail and designed for a long service life. For example, only fans specially developed for and with SOG® are used. They are waterproof and resistant to the aggressive components in the intake air from the faeces tank. The desired effect can only be achieved with a precisely coordinated speed. However, the fans are not suitable for continuous operation!

Therefore, these systems cannot be used for dry separation toilets - not even in a modified form, or by connecting individual parts. Any warranty claim will be void if it is used by third parties!