Frequently asked questions  

  1. 1. Do I really no longer need to use any chemicals?

    The increased supply of oxygen that the activated ventilator causes to flow into the cassette during use accelerates the decomposition process of the tank contents to such an extent that the use of chemical additives is no longer necessary. Even when the toilet is not used, a system is provided that is constantly open towards the outside and thus guarantees the decomposition process.

    Our SOG®systems use some aspects of the principle behind the activated sludge process used at sewage treatment plants and therefore create the ideal conditions for the removal and decomposition of faecal waste.

    Most sanitary cleaning products generally interfere with the bacteria used in sewage treatment plants. Some substances are more disturbing than others, depending on the concentration and amount used and how frequently the products are used. They are therefore particularly problematic for smaller sewage treatment plants located in popular tourist locations, which are mostly only suitable for use in villages. If too many travellers in these locations send a mixture of faecal matter and environmentally unfriendly concentrated cleaning products containing biocides to the treatment plants, this will cause the plants to become unstable.

    This information does not apply to tank cleaning and general toilet cleaning products.

  2. 2. Is it OK to not use expensive special toilet paper

    Please always use normal toilet paper, NO recycled paper, because compared to lower-priced normal toilet paper, special paper does not decompose as well when oxygen is used.
  3. 3. Does the fan run constantly?

    The ventilator is activated when the gate valve is opened (please open before using the toilet) and turns off when the gate valve is closed after use.
  4. 4. How much power does the fan need?

    The fan has a power consumption of 0.84 watts. It only consumes power when in use!
  5. 5. Which SOG® solution is right for me?

    You can use our product finder to find the ideal SOG® product for you: Product Finder
  6. 6. If I use a second cassette, can I simply put the full cassette aside without doing anything else?

    If you replace a full cassette with a second cassette, you can keep the full cassette in your storage area for several days without ventilation. (Once a cassette is full, its contents do not form any more gas.)
  7. 7. How often should I replace my filter?

    SOG® Door model:once a year!
    SOG® II Floor model:once a year!
    SOG® Roof model:
    SOG® Compact:
    SOG® Compact Close
    maintenance free!
    1 x jährlich!
    1 x jährlich!
  8. 8. How do I replace my filter?

    SOG® Door model:How to replace your filter
    SOG® II Floor model:How to replace your filter
    SOG® Compact:How to replace your filter
    SOG® Compact Close :How to replace your filter
    SOG Roof model:maintenance free!
  9. 9. Do I need to replace a filter in my SOG® Roof system?

    No, the roof model does not contain a filter and is completely maintenance free.
  10. 10. Odor nuisance despite the SOG® system?

    If, despite the SOG® system, unpleasant smells are to be perceived, especially when opening the toilet, these smells do not come from the cassette, but from the bowl. The toilets, especially the C260, C220 and C400, are completely closed by the lid, no more oxygen can get into the toilet. Since small remains of urine always stick in the toilet, the lack of oxygen leads to the formation of unpleasant odors. Warmth or hot temperatures in summer, or the use of heating in winter (the heating pipes often run in the immediate vicinity of the toilet, so that the toilet warms up) promote the formation of odors.
    This problem can be eliminated by leaving the lid open or by attaching small rubber buffers below the lid so that oxygen can flow in.Polishing the bowl using a window polish for acrylic glass panes also helps, as the urine can then no longer stick so easily.
  11. 11. How do I lengthen my hose?

    Hose extension:manual

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