SOG® - Odours be gone!

Nobody is a fan of unpleasant odours, especially not when on holiday and definitely not in confined living spaces such as those found in motorhomes and caravans.Imagine being able to go to the toilet and be welcomed by nothing but the freshest of air! For SOG® users, this dream is an everyday reality. The use of such an electrical ventilation system also completely eliminates the need for toilet additives, which is good for both the environment and your wallet.

Use SOG® to treat yourself to a luxury toilet  -
made in Germany.
The company SOG®Systeme GmbH & Co.KG, which was founded in 1994, uses its many years of development experience to offer different ventilation systems for the optimisation of toilets. The main objective of the company's systems is to enable caravan and motorhome toilets to be used without chemicals while also increasing the comfort of using such toilets by eliminating odours.

SOG®Systeme GmbH & Co.KG produces all of its environmentally friendly systems in line with high quality standards at its own manufacturing facilities in Germany.

How SOG® works 

Mobile Toilets 

The SOG® invention is a solution for eliminating toilet odours even without sanitary additives. How does it work?

A small, specially developed high-performance fan switches on automatically when the toilet valve is opened to create negative pressure in the waste-holding tank.

1.  This immediately creates “suction” at the valve opening, causing fresh air to be drawn in. Odours arising during use are therefore drawn in with the air and directed outside. The inward flow of air also behaves like a seal and fully prevents any unpleasant biogases from rising out of the tank.  This means more air (oxygen) is sucked into the cassette with each use. The flushing process also adds water each time.

2.  The system switches off automatically when the toilet valve is closed, but continues to provide permanent aeration – as the oxygen supply – through a pipe or hose connection that is always open to the outside, thereby promoting the decomposition process.

SOG® uses biological decomposition

Like in composting, the microorganisms that break down the organic material need both oxygen and water, since they can only absorb nutrients in dissolved form. A good ratio of oxygen supply to water content is the key condition for the decomposition process.Water also consists of 88.81 percent oxygen by weight. 

SOG® technology has been using these laws of nature successfully for more than 25 years, and even accelerates them by ensuring increased oxygen supply not only during use of the toilet but also when the valve is closed.   

Another example where similar technology is used is the activated sludge tank in sewage treatment plants. By introducing compressed air, oxygen is pumped in to cover the oxygen needs of the microbes essential for the biodegradation processes (i.e. to promote decomposition).

Mercerator toilets 

SOG®Compact and SOG®Compact Close for macerator toilets were optimised to meet customer requirements, with special value being placed on the reduction of unpleasant smells.
SOG®Compact and SOG®Compact Close integrated both electrical and other system components into a technical unit and thus offers the advantage of very simple installation with fixed tank toilets.  Power is supplied by the vehicle's on-board 12 V power system. It is not necessary to make a hole in the tank or the vehicle.

Dry separation toilets 

SOG®TT provides a remedy for the unpleasant odor when using dry separating toilets and is characterized by a specially optimized filter unit with an integrated fan.Thanks to its optimal konstruction, the fan can either be switched separately with a switch on the inside wall of the vehicle, or it can run continuously thanks to its low power consumption of 1.2 watts. In this way, it constantly absorbs all unpleasant odors from the dry-separating toilet, filtered and almost silently to the outside.  

The SOG® or SOG®II systems for mobile cassette toilets manufactured by us are not compatible with a dry separating toilet - not even in a modified form or by connecting individual parts. Any warranty claim will be void if it is used by third parties!   

Using technology to make active use of oxygen
Our active SOG® -toilet ventilation requires no chemicals whatsoever. This makes it the perfect solution for both the environment and your wallet because you no longer need to use expensive sanitary additives.


The strong SOG® fan  

The SOG® system only uses high-performance components of a very high quality for example the fan that was developed especially for  SOG® and is resistant against the aggressive elements that can be found in the air sucked out of the waste holding tank. The fan is also watertight.

The fan's precisely coordinated rotational speed plays an essential role in achieving the desired effect with a low power consumption (only when in use) of 0.84 watts.

Experience has shown that an SOG® fan can be used throughout a vehicle's life - only the activated charcoal filter (when fitted) needs to be changed annually.

Sophisticated filter technology for clean exhaust air 

The filter units are important components in SOG® and SOG®II systems. The filters are used to clean the air transported to the outside and make it odourless.
The units use different types of activated charcoal using extremely environmentally friendly materials such as peat, nutshells and sugar. The activated charcoal is predominantly made of carbon and has a highly porous structure in which the pores are connected like in a sponge. The SOG®II and SOG® compact filter unit in particular is so good at neutralising gases that the cleaned air can even be fed back into the interior.    
SOG® filters offer impressive benefits: 
  • Full neutralisation of odours thanks to complete processing
  • A long service life (1 year)
  • No carbon dust emissions
  • A light weight
  • Compact dimensions

SOG® DOOR Filter